99 Followers – Almost 100

Holy crap – one away from 100 followers.  How crazy is that?  I started this blog just to release some frustration with my infertility journey and it has become so much more.

I have met so many wonderful people on here and love the friendships I’ve made.  It’s been an amazing experience to share BFP’s, pregnancy and birth stories with so many of you!  I’m pretty sure I check wordpress more than facebook anymore to read everyone’s updates!


8 thoughts on “99 Followers – Almost 100

  1. Ahhhh how exciting!! I was actually just thinking about you and wondering how your daughter is feeling?? Blogging has been so great meeting such great people like you… And so glad to have someone have a little so close to Michael’s age so we can compare!

    • Thank you! She seems to be doing better today. Her amounts consumed are kind of all over the board but she did take a 3.5 oz and a 4 oz bottle today so far with a few smaller ones. She’s been sleeping a lot so who knows, but if she’s tired, then she’s tired!

      I agree about having little ones the same age, it’s nice to compare and share stories. 🙂

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